Credit bureau free loan without proof of salary


Getting credit from a bank in Germany when there is negative entry is the Credit bureau is a hopeless endeavor. Anyone who has been entered in the consumer credit agency, regardless of which entry, has no chance in this country to obtain a bank loan. But there is another way, as loans without Credit bureau show.

Anyone who has a negative Credit bureau will not get any credit in this country, at least not in the conventional way. The situation is different when a credit intermediary is inserted, who then acts as an intermediary between the applicant and the possible lending banks.

So there is also the possibility in the area of ​​Credit bureau-free credit without proof of salary to get a loan despite negative Credit bureau. Because the Credit bureau information does play an important and, above all, important role here in Germany, this is not the case in other countries.

Loan from abroad without Credit bureau

Loan from abroad without Credit bureau

However, potential borrowers who are looking for a loan do not have to stop at Germany’s borders. Due to the sometimes very good connections of reputable credit intermediaries to banks abroad, it is often possible to arrange a loan without Credit bureau even in difficult cases. This also applies when looking for a Credit bureau-free loan without proof of salary.

Different specifications are made depending on the credit intermediary. Where the one wants proof of the salary, the information provided by the loan applicant is enough. Here, too, it becomes clear that a loan without Credit bureau does not have to be the web of bureaucracy that is often put on him.

Incidentally, this is often done by banks that are not involved in this business because they do not want it themselves. The Credit bureau-free credit is only too happy to be sold by critics as the untrustworthy credit, in order to make yourself look better. However, the years and sometimes even decades of experience of reputable and successful credit intermediaries speak a clear and, above all, completely different language!

Credit bureau-free credit without proof of salary – compare credit intermediaries!

Credit bureau-free credit without proof of salary - compare credit intermediaries!

If you want to take out a loan without Credit bureau, you will not be able to avoid comparing the various credit intermediaries. Not everyone has the same conditions and not everyone offers the same conditions for obtaining a Credit bureau-free loan. And one thing is important: to see whether the so-called credit broker in Germany has a license to broker credit. This is important, even if the loans come from abroad.

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